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TWIC 3D archive - 3D viewer for GM chess tournaments (theweekinchess.com)

3D chess with AI
....for any browser
1. javascript chess (fast Chrome++,FF+,Safari+,IE-- slow):
  • Silly a dumb chess version for very beginners
  • QB64 - qbasic program plays beginner chess
  • jsSargon - JS port of old Sargon assembler
  • Toledo - small code of O.Toledo G.
  • p4wn - smart JS chess of D.Bagnall
  • Mixro-Max - a JS version of H.G.Muller's short c-code
  • jsOwlChess []- Borland's OWL (1992-95) port to javascript
  • jsOliThink - slow experimental JS emulation of 64-bit OliThink
  • GarboChess - good JS chess by G.Linscott
  • js-Jester - a javascript version of Ludochess
  • js-Fruit [] - JS-port of Fruit engine by F.Letouzey
  • jsCuckoo - JS emulated 64-bit Cuckoo
  • jsStockfish - strong emscripten compiled Stockfish chess engine (from this site)

  • jsSjeng - Crazyhouse, Bughouse, Suicide chess, Losers with javascript-port of Sjeng
  • WTHarvey - a big pack of good chess 3D puzzles from wtharvey.com

  • ....plugin pre-installation required
    2. or play with Adobe flash:
  • fl-Jester - a flash version of Ludochess
  • fl-Fruit - flash-port of Fruit engine by F.Letouzey

  • Some Flash Chess pages
    ....some ported chess engines
  • Jester - Jester port to AS3 flash
  • Owl chess - Borland's Owl port to AS3
  • Fruit - port of Fruit chess
  • Cuckoo - Cuckoo chess AS3, emulated 64-bit

  • Various:
    ....tools, helpers, samples
  • Sheet a working-sheet for chess
  • ChessPuzzles editor tool to catch checkmate positions
  • Diagram editor to make 2D board image picture from FEN-position
  • c1-chess the other editor to publish 2D websites from .pgn
  • CM1 checkmate in 1 move
  • funny chess positions to play
  • ChMoves a dumb sample to show chess moves

  • jsMin - tool to minify .js code
  • jsBase64 - tool to compress data for .js
  • Gbin - resource helper (get,drop,zip)
  • mView - small screen browser
  • 64-bit-js - a sample emulates 64 bits on JS
  • Sitemaps: main, 1., 2. made with tool, 3.